Body Positive

Learn ways to improve the way you think about your body and weight.

Intuitive Eating

Learn how to listen to your internal fullness and hunger cues to give your body what it needs.

Food Freedom

Learn how to live without overthinking food choices and give up strict and rigid food rules.


Meet Brittany

Like many women, I have struggled with poor body image and food guilt for much of my life. Though my body has continued to change throughout the years, it seemed no matter what stage or age I was at in my life, my body never felt good enough and my food choices never felt perfect enough. It was these negative feelings that lead me to study food and nutrition and become a registered dietitian nutritionist. I thought that after I became a dietitian I would finally be able to figure out what foods were “good” and “bad” and how to finally get in shape so that I could feel closer to perfect...